Some words about what´s going on…

It´s about time we get better to use and update this site…So we start with that right now.

This year is the 20 years anniversary for Planet Trash as a band. It ended up being both our worst year ever…and in one way one of our most creative. In the end of april this year, our beloved friend and drummer Enas, past away. With great support from his girlfriend, family and common friends, we decided to carry on. We did some gigs with a stand in drummer (Pontus) in june and after some weeks we decided to keep going with Pontus.

This fall we have been working on shitloads of new songs and we just started to build some kind of studio in our rehearsal Place. This will give us great opportunity to create in the future.

Besides that, we are making plans for our first us-tour in 2015. Can´t tell how much we are looking forward to that.

That´s it for now.

/The Trashers


In loving memory of our beloved friend and drummer Andreas “Enas” Lindberg 1981-2014

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